RAD Children's Classes

Summer Term July 15 - August 16



All classes-pending registration of

6-8 students

Ages 6-8 yrs

      Mon. 5:30 pm   (1 hr.)



(5 classes)

Class of 1 hr............$70

Class of 1 1/2 hr......$75 

Ages 9-12 yrs

          Thurs.  5:30 pm (1 hr) 

 Ages 12+ yrs  

    Wed 5:00 pm  (1 1/2  hr.)

Dress Code

Dress Code

Girls: leotard (for style and color see below), pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes.

Boys: White T-shirt, black dance belt, black tights, white socks, and white ballet shoes.

Leotard and style:

Pre Primary and Primary: Pale pink tank top

Grade 1 and 2:  Lilac or marine blue leotard

Grade 3: Lavender or Royal blue tank

Grade 4: Burgundy tank top

Grade 5: TBD

Grade 6 and above:  Black camisole