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Mission Statement

The goal of the Community School of Ballet, since its founding in 1979, is to propagate the art form of ballet by providing classical dance training of the highest caliber to both children and adults. The school fulfills its responsibility as an educational institution, not only for the student seeking pre-professional training, but for those who study ballet, at any age, for its aesthetic and physical rewards.


Excellence in teaching for children is secured through the syllabi of the Royal Academy of Dance, a curriculum that employs a world-wide system of ballet examinations, thereby setting an international standard. The open classes of the adult students are based on the training of the instructors, all of them having had careers as professional dancers, and trained in New York (Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo School, School of American Ballet, Vincenzo Celli), Paris (Olga Preobrajenska, Rouseanne Sarkissian, Ana Ilic, all teaching at Studio Wacker) and Monaco (Marika Besobrasova at Princess Grace Academy).

Ballet as an art form has evolved for well over three centuries in a tradition of direct transmission of knowledge from teacher to student. As ballet educators in a small but serious school, we are proud to be a part, and carry on, with however small a role, in this tradition.

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