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RAD Examinations

The Royal Academy of Dance Examinations Board offers an internationally recognized portfolio of exams and assessments designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages and levels of ability through a systematic measurement of progress and attainment. Last year, over 230,000 students entered RAD exams worldwide. 

Students can only be entered for exams by a qualified Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher. To qualify for RAD RT status, teachers must complete one of the RAD's rigorous certification, BA or Master degree programs.

RAD exams provide students with:

  • an achievable goal to work towards

  • recognition from the world's largest ballet examination board

  • qualifications accredited by UK regulatory authorities

  • the impetus to achieve their personal best in a fun and nurturing environment


Graded exams:

  • incorporate Ballet, Free Movement and Character

  • include our innovative Pre-Primary in Dance and Primary in Dance syllabi

  • are suitable for candidates from the age of 5

  • include our Pre-School Dance Curriculum for candidates from the age of 2½


Vocational Graded exams:

  • build on the elements covered in the Graded syllabus

  • are intended for students who wish to pursue a career in dance

  • are suitable for candidates from the age of 11 years

  • include the prestigious Solo Seal Award - the highest Vocational Graded examination offered by the RAD, which focuses on solo performance

Students in Grades 2 and above who are eligible and interested in participating in the 2020 exams will be required to attend at least two classes per week to support  adequate preparation and develop the confidence  to present their very best work.            

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RAD Frequently Asked Questions

The Royal Academy of Dance examinations offer students an opportunity to work toward a  standard that is followed world wide, challenging themselves to reach their greatest potential. When students have a specific goal, it helps them focus, persevere, and finish with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Students receive and medal from the Royal Academy of Dance headquarters in London, England.

What are the benefits of taking an exam?

No. Instructors offer the opportunity to students who meet the required criteria, and students may

decide if they would like to participate. Students are not penalized in any way if they decline to participate.

Are Exams mandatory?

The RAD exams take place in Spring (March or April). The RAD office organizes a 6-8 week tour for the examiner traveling through the midwest and east coast so the dates are not set until all schools have made their entries. CSB may request 7 days of ‘impossible dates’ for the exams which is always the week of the Ann Arbor Public School Spring break.

When are the exams?

No. students go in to the exams in groups of maximum 4 at a time.

Do students take the exam alone?

No. The students go in on their own and the only observer is the examiner .Neither the teacher or parents can observe.

Does the teacher go into the exam with the students?

Students will present the syllabus work they have learned and practiced in their classes. There are no surprises. Each student will know the work and will simply perform it for the examiner.

What do students have to do in the exam?

Instructors will offer the opportunity to those students who present with the focus, desire and ability to achieve the set goals of the syllabus at the appropriate level. In addition , the Royal Academy has specific age and attendance requirements as well:

  • Primary Exam students must be at least 6 years old by December 31st prior to the Spring exam date,

  • Grade 1 students must be at least 7 years old by December 31st.

  • Grade 2 students must be at least 8 years old by December 31st.

  • Students in Grades 2 and above be enrolled and attend two classes per week in order to be appropriately prepared.

What are the requirements for a student to participate?

The goal is to be able to properly prepare within the scheduled class times. As exam time approaches, we often schedule some extra practices if needed. We try to work with student/parent’s schedules so everyone can participate.

Students in Grades 2 and above who are eligible and interested in participating in the 2021 exams will be required to attend at least two classes per week to support adequate preparation and develop the confidence to present their very best work.        

Do students have to take extra classes to participate?

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