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Royal Academy of Dance
Children's Program:  Winter Term 2
023:  January 30- June 3  (18 weeks) 
(Children's Fall Term ends January 28) 
Adult Open Classes 
Winter Term 2023: January 9- April 28 (15 weeks)


ADULTS- No Specific dress code

Girls: Pink ballet tights, pink ballet slippers- Class leotard (To be purchased at CSB)
Boys : Black/Blue shorts, white or black ballet slippers white T-shirt, white socks

CSB will order class leotards for students.

 *Tights and shoes may be purchased at:

  Dancer's Boutique 6585 Jackson Rd.  Ann Arbor, MI 48103  734-973-1178 


Leotard color/style will be determined by RAD Exam requirements (for students participating) and availability for larger orders.  Specific information will be provided prior to Fall classes and/or if parents contact me directly.

Students must have hair off of neck and away from face in a ballet bun. Please ask for assistance if you are unsure 

and we will see that parents and/or children know how to so hair for class.


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